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Know a little bit about African Tales

This is a tale about a continent that has all along being the cradle of mankind. An anecdote about authenticity and culture beautified by nature and voiced by macrocosm. When the tongues of the wise gave this tale, the young men listened and the young ladies took note because it was through these words that people found belonging, and cultures sought understanding. At this point, I shall have to say ‘Karibu Africa.’

Africa? Yes, Africa, the showroom where art is displayed not just on mere paper but also on every aspect of the inhabitants’ culture – ‘Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika’ (Lord bless Africa). When these factors are combined to describe this continent, then we could indeed settle upon the fact – much is to mine from this part of Earth. Mine you say? Mine it is.  Learn more on my magical kenya

Dressing the African way at Lyft Apparel

Now talking of mining, Lyft Apparel brings to you the gems of Africa – sorted all over from the entire continent to create the best of this masterpiece. The brand brings you home to Africa, an area of cool waters and gentle sunshine. When you think of this wonderful continent, you might have to think of Lyft Apparel. A brand that understands your needs and goes on to satisfy them not just merely, but with a touch of the culture here and a bit of Africanism there.

What is the tale? Oh yes, the tale our fathers passed on to us about Africa is one that I shall tell you right now when the day still harvests its mighty glamour and the sun interests its rays upon the calm highlands of Africa vegetating in a land of leafy green suburbs. This anecdote is of might and power that can only be harnessed from nature.

In a three-foot-stool below a sycamore tree, is where the tale spills off from an elderly black man’s tongue. The continent is none other, (than Africa) but the precise location is yet strange – now that partitioning had not been done and peace was the only thing known to this indigenous lot. At this precise position, the man would call those of whom he had surpassed by age and knowledge. Amidst the cries of his grandchildren and the ululations of cheerful women, he would go on to explain how the art of sewing began.

The same typical art that Lyft apparel has managed to borrow overages through continued years of development and loyalty to the bout. It is through the understanding of our continent’s origin, that we can bind your hearts with the best of Africa’s textile – clothing you with African love from the best of Africa’s wear. A firm that institutes authenticity, affection, and passion by bringing you the best of African-inspired attire designed for any occasion from gym wears to a night out. We ensure you take this continent’s vibe wherever you go. ‘Siluthando’ (we are love).

Scratching his pierced ear lobes, the man would go on to grab a deserted (not so pleasing to the eye) cervical vertebrae (bone) – a part of the body that one was once knitted to a living goat, then proceed to fetch some dried sisal leaves. Keenly, he would demonstrate a rare kind of art, one that is only available in schools in the present times at a very handsome price. The young ones keenly looking at him would observe as his hands twisted in an intriguing rhythm to sire a beautiful cloth-like mat in the end. In a dry bone voice, the old man would then tell the men in the midst that such was how ‘makuti’ huts were thatched and to the ladies, it was an art of beautifying their homes with mats or stitching animal skins for wear. The skill was passed through apprenticeship from one person to another until the discovery of Singer and Juki sewing machines.

Over time, people have learned better ways of achieving better textiles at a lesser time and in bulk. All in all, the wine still tastes better in old wineskins because it is through ancient that real nostalgia lies and the future become clear. Lyft apparel bridges the gap between these two eras to sire the best in the textile industry. Understanding African history has birthed the knowledge of patterns observed in most African wear. Why do people associate these patterns with Africa? These precise questions can only be answered through a squint into the past while simultaneously marrying this knowledge with the present.

The patterns in African textile have solid meanings – gazing from animals to nature. They represent a form of bout that rowdily emanates from the cradle of mankind (Africa). Understanding these patterns, helps us know the best attire to marry them with from the lens of a modern wardrobe. We believe in our craft, thus making us the best in our own game. When the talk leans on joggers, we get to design them in the best way for you with a touch of Kenya and the high veld. And when the talk inclines towards hoodies, snoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, or bomber jackets, you can still trust us to bring you a happy vibe from the land of the Sahara, Niger, or equatorial Africa.

Africa is the name of the continent housing Lyft apparel, set in the beautiful land of Kenya and within the city under the sun – Nairobi; as history suggests this land is true without cold and horror ‘a-phrike’; but aside from that, it is the only place where you and I get culture goosebumps whenever mentioned. Come let us beautify those goosebumps with a real touch of this continent’s love. ‘Jambo bwana, Karibu Afrika, Karibu Kenya, Karibu Lyft Apparel’ (Hello, welcome to Africa, welcome to Kenya, welcome to Lyft Apparel)

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