Solo G


My name is Solo Gee, which is short for Solomon Gerald. I am a multipotentialite, my interests span multiple fields. My core business is in transport and real estate, I currently run a logistics company but most people know me as a “creative”. I started out doing corporate events management and experiential marketing many moons ago, did commercial modeling, and worked as a voice-over artist before embracing social media as a lifestyle influencer, having been part of successful influencer campaigns for major brands, including international brands like the NBA, Shell Vivo Energy, Roto, Skechers, and many other local brands, helping them connect with their customer base online on a more personal level.

What inspires me: Seeing people boldly go after their dreams, making a bold decision to strike out on your own with just an idea, creating a plan for it and sticking with it, providing employment to other people, and making it work. That is very inspiring.

lyft family members

LYFT APPAREL is a company with members being the owners, and the others are the ambassadors. The team is lead by four-member who are, Isaac Githuku who is the CEO, Eddy Njuguna who is the Operating Director, Ronald Onyoka who is the Designs and Production executive and Dominic Kremmer who is the Design Strategist

it is always helpful to see it in action