Olive Stone


I am Olive Wathoni.

I am an athlete who is passionate about fitness and everything it has to offer. From a good body, a great relationship with food, to good mental health.

I am a fitness coach, a personal trainer, and a woman who aims to inspire and change people’s lives through my story and what I do. I aspire to change the narrative of what a woman can do and how she should look.

What I love about Lyft is how powerful I feel and how good I look, in the gym or out with friends. I can never go wrong with Lyft. The best part, it is a Kenyan brand that the world will appreciate.

When in doubt, trust Lyft. And be kind.

lyft family members

LYFT APPAREL is a company with members being the owners, and the others are the ambassadors. The team is lead by four-member who are, Isaac Githuku who is the CEO, Eddy Njuguna who is the Operating Director, Ronald Onyoka who is the Designs and Production executive and Dominic Kremmer who is the Design Strategist