Hanif Msallam


My name is Hanif I’m a men’s physique athlete and personal trainer. I started to compete in 2015. Won Mr. Nairobi’s overall men’s physique and Mr. Kenya’s overall men’s physique in 2016.

My dream is To turn pro ifbb. With LYFT APPAREL I love the material and the art of its creativity with the Kenyan spirit. What motivates me is to be better in every aspect of life and to be able to help others. I have to grind harder coz if I don’t I will become just like any other mediocre person. Where there will be no difference with others. I always wanna be better in whatever I’m doing. I truly believe in Lyft and the gear fuels my workouts!

lyft family members

LYFT APPAREL is a company with members being the owners, and the others are the ambassadors. The team is lead by four-member who are, Isaac Githuku who is the CEO, Eddy Njuguna who is the Operating Director, Ronald Onyoka who is the Designs and Production executive and Dominic Kremmer who is the Design Strategist