Dr. Maria Martin


I am a servant of the most high God, an incredible believer, a builder and educator, a Queen-mother, and someone whose presence is enough to change the atmosphere in the room. My work is a symptom of my calling to build and educate people. So I am a Professor. I teach in History/Critical Race and Ethic Studies. I refer to myself as a teacher-scholar-activist because I’m involved in each of those areas. My desire is to leave a legacy of honor and integrity that people can look back on and see the benefit of walking with God. I want them to recognize the newness, boldness, assurance, completeness, power, and peace that comes from a life with God. I have been interested in health and fitness for a while. I’ve boxed for over 10 yrs., did powerlifting, softball, basketball, yoga, and water aerobics. I used to work out for vanity (my look and shape) but now I’m doing it for longevity.  I want to grow old gracefully and healthily and enjoy my life throughout. I like Lyft because it offers comfortable, affordable, and quality-made clothing that can help me as I reach my goals. The brand has many characters and I like how they utilize African elements in their designs. I also like the fact that it is African-owned as well. It is so important that people support Black-owned businesses.

lyft family members

LYFT APPAREL is a company with members being the owners, and the others are the ambassadors. The team is lead by four-member who are, Isaac Githuku who is the CEO, Eddy Njuguna who is the Operating Director, Ronald Onyoka who is the Designs and Production executive and Dominic Kremmer who is the Design Strategist