Chanda Chomba


It’s always hard to describe what I am since my life’s philosophy is to live an ‘unboxed life’, with no one box defining me. I’m a tech executive, certified metabolic conditioning coach and personal trainer, wife, mother, Spartan athlete, friend, mentor, and more. But one thing’s for sure: I absolutely love Lyft because the brand gives me styles for all my different sides. I can pair a white Lyft tee with leggings and maybe a jacket to attend a meeting then right after taking off the jacket, throw on some running shoes, and hit the trails in Karura Forest before picking my kids up from school. Now if that isn’t living my best-unboxed life in Lyft gear I don’t know what is!

lyft family members

LYFT APPAREL is a company with members being the owners, and the others are the ambassadors. The team is lead by four-member who are, Isaac Githuku who is the CEO, Eddy Njuguna who is the Operating Director, Ronald Onyoka who is the Designs and Production executive and Dominic Kremmer who is the Design Strategist