Business details

OWNER Isaac Githuku

CREATION Lyft Apparel was created in June 2017. It was created focused on handcrafting of athleisure and workout apparel.

MAIN PRODUCTS The main products are fitted joggers, hoodies, T-Shirts, vests, bomber jackets, shorts, and hats for both male and female users.

CUSTOMERS Our main customers are all genders of 25 – 45 years of the medium to high economic and social-cultural level with interest in trendy contemporary athleisure.


Who are we? We are Kenya’s first fitness-inspired clothing line. We create locally premium quality hand-crafted African-themed apparel for women, men, and kids. We create items with the thought of “comfort and freedom of movement” in every piece allowing everyone to move with ease from sprinting on track to walking your dog or crushing it in the gym. The company sells its products locally and globally through pop-up markets and online. Lyft apparel consist of a highly dedicated team of five.

Mission and vision


To produce high-quality stylish, and affordable athleisure products that inspire people to lead an active life.



We aim to inspire and motivate a community that is bonded by the will of improvement; becoming better, stronger, and healthier together.


Our goals

– We want to become a well-renowned athleisure brand with an African flair.

– Lyft apparel plans o sell its products into the mass-market retail channel. In conjunction with this strategy, Lyft apparel will be expanding its product line to include swimwear, leggings, athletic socks, compression pants, bras, fitness accessories allowing massive job creation.

– Lyft apparel intends to host fitness-inspired events that will not only entertain and inspire more people to lead active lives but will also elevate the fitness industry in Kenya


Meet the owner

Lyft apparel company is a Nairobi-based company which was founded and is owned by Isaac Githuku

Isaac Githuku

Isaac Githuku is the founder and owner of lyft apparel

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